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Why The Economist Calls Convertibles ‘the Asset Class for the Times’

Convertible securities are proving themselves to be the “asset class for the times,” says an analysis in the July 10 issue of The Economist (download PDF). Converts were “almost tailor-made for the circumstances of spring 2020,” and it’s easy to “imagine future economic dislocations on the horizon,” according to the article.

The coverage focuses on convertible bonds as a “flexible source of capital,” offering advantages over straight debt or equity for both issuers and investors.

For unproven firms in a capital-hungry business, converts can be “an ideal compromise,” says the article. “Investors are willing to accept a lower interest rate in exchange for a piece of the equity upside. For business owners, convertibles are less dilutive than straight equity. New shares are issued later at a much higher price, if at all.”

Sixty percent of the volume of issues to date this year has been by firms that have been listed for less than three years, according to Calamos Senior Co-Portfolio Manager Joe Wysocki quoted in the article. Included among the more established company issuers are some to whom convertibles represent “rescue finance at lower interest rates and without immediate dilution.” (For more, see this post.)

Global convertible bond issuance January to June set an all-time high for the first half of a year. Such heightened demand marks a shift from recent history when “the trend in corporate finance was to swap equity for debt and not the other way around,” according to the article, as inflation was nonexistent, long-term interest rates were on the steady decline and bond investors enjoyed healthy capital gains.

The challenges today are different. “A big concern is that inflation and interest rates are at the start of an upward trend. A world of high inflation would be a trickier one in which to raise capital by issuing corporate bonds. The nominal value of the bond at redemption would be a lot lower in real terms. By contrast, convertible bonds offer some protection,” wrote The Economist.

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