Volatility Opportunity
Turn volatile markets to your advantage by using our targeted strategies

Volatility Opportunity Capabilities

While volatility and down markets can be the hardest parts of investing, we believe the right approach can provide risk mitigation and even opportunity during otherwise difficult times. Throughout its long history, Calamos has remained dedicated to achieving compelling risk-adjusted returns, paying careful attention to the ways volatility affects portfolios.

We know from experience that volatility can lead to investment opportunities, and we offer multiple investment approaches that aim to mitigate or capitalize on volatility in different parts of the market, including through the use of convertible securities, hedging strategies or other approaches to generating attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Recent Volatility Opportunity Insights

The Way Forward? Here’s Our Latest Chartbook

Our latest chartbook offers some perspective for dealing with the uncertainty of one of the worst years for investors in recent history. Our message is unchanged: stocks gain in most years, and history shows that the best strategy is to stay invested.

Significant Intra-Year Drawdowns Are Common

After such a long period without significant pullbacks, many people may not realize significant pullbacks are actually quite common.

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