Introducing Calamos Timpani Small Cap Growth Fund

Calamos Timpani Small Cap Growth Fund (CTSIX) is the result of the firm’s May 2019 acquisition of Timpani Capital Management, a boutique small- and smid-cap investment manager based in Milwaukee. CTSIX, maintaining its investment team and eight-year track record, offers access to small capitalization companies with high, sustainable growth potential that may exceed market expectations.


Alternative: Market Neutral


Market Neutral Income Fund
5 Stars

Among 117 Market Neutral Funds. The fund’s load-waived Class I shares had 4 stars for 3 years, 5 stars for 5 years, and 5 stars for 10 years out of 117, 91 and 30 Market Neutral Funds, respectively, for the period ended 7/31/19.

Core market strategies include covered call writing and convertible arbitrage. Together, these strategies are intended to provide the fund with an enhanced potential for risk-managed returns due to their differing responses to volatility.

Alternative: Long/Short


Phineus Long/Short Fund
4 Stars

Among 204 Long-Short Equity Funds. The fund’s load-waived Class I shares had 4 stars for 3 years out of 204 Long-Short Equity Funds for the period ended 7/31/19.

Seeks strong risk-adjusted and absolute returns across the global equity universe. The fund uses a global long/short strategy to invest in publicly listed equity securities.

Alternative: Hedge Equity


Hedged Equity Fund
4 Stars

Among 95 Options-based Funds. The fund’s load-waived Class I shares had 4 stars for 3 years out of 95 Options-based Funds for the period ended 7/31/19.

Aims to achieve the total return of equity markets with lower volatility. It utilizes a covered call strategy, which invests in a diversified portfolio of equities while using options to generate income and manage risk.

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Convertible Guide

Our 32-page Convertible Securities: Structures, Valuation, Market Environment and Asset Allocation guide (PDF) is a resource on how convertible bonds work. It’s written by Calamos Founder, Chairman and Global Chief Investment Officer John P. Calamos, Sr.

The Morningstar Market Neutral Category represents funds that attempt to eliminate the risks of the market by holding 50% of assets in long positions in stocks and 50% of assets in short positions.

Morningstar Long/Short Equity Category funds take a net long stock position, meaning the total market risk from the long positions is not completely offset by the market risk of the short positions. Total return, therefore, is a combination of the return from market exposure (beta) plus any value-added from stock-picking or market-timing (alpha).

Morningstar Options-Based Category represents funds that generate a significant portion of their returns from the collection of premiums on options contracts sold.