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Calamos CEO John Koudounis joins CNBC’s Power Lunch to provide his reaction to new merger activity and how it reflects corporate growth strategies, suggesting that investors need to stay invested.

Watch as Michael Grant, Co-CIO, Senior Co-Portfolio Manager, examines factors behind the market’s rotation from growth equities to value equities.

John Koudounis stresses the importance of remaining invested during periods of market volatility during this interview with Maria Bartiromo.

Watch the full panel discussion featuring Calamos CEO John Koudounis and Marc Lasry of Avenue Capital at the 2019 Concordia Annual Summit.

John Koudounis points out that people shy away from market volatility, but liquid alts using market neutral, long/short and hedged equity strategies can keep them invested.

Watch as Michael Grant, Co-CIO, Senior Co-Portfolio Manager, discusses the implications of Brexit and its impact on the UK during his appearance on Yahoo! Finance.

Watch as Calamos CEO John Koudounis discusses the opportunities to be found in today's volatile markets.

Listen to Brandon Nelson explain why he thinks it’s a great time for selected small cap stocks.

Watch as Eli Pars gives Yahoo! Finance his take on the impact of volatility in the equity market—and which strategies could benefit in the second half of 2019.

Watch as Calamos CEO John Koudounis discusses the sustained strength of the U.S. economy and equity markets.

Michael Grant shares his views on the equity market, trade tensions, earnings season and prospects for the economy in the second half of 2019.

Appearing on Bloomberg Futures in Focus, Joe Cusick discusses the response of oil-related options to recent market developments.

Watch this Mornings with Maria appearance as Calamos CEO John Koudounis comments on the strength of the economy, the likely direction of interest rates and Calamos’ success.

Calamos CEO John Koudounis on Bloomberg Surveillance discusses liquid alts as a means to manage current market risk, and how banks and others have addressed risk since the Great Financial Crisis.

Our Matt Freund spoke with Bloomberg Radio, offering his insights on Fed policy, the high yield market, leveraged loans and more.

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