Calamos Aksia Alternative Credit and Income Fund

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Calamos Aksia Alternative Credit and Income Fund Overview

The Fund invests in various strategies across the private credit asset class, resulting in a wide range of credit investments. The remainder of the Fund's assets will be allocated to dedicated liquidity sources that seek to outperform cash yields, provide needed liquidity to support investors' quarterly repurchases, pursue opportunistic yield and enhance overall portfolio diversification.

Key Features

  • Private credit's focus on both cash yield and risk mitigation, along with the array of different underlying collateral exposures and lending situations, support the case for including it as a strategic allocation to the asset class.
  • Institutional investors have long recognized the opportunity of private credit.
  • We believe private credit is a large, growing opportunity set and home to a wide range of strategies that can diversify risk, generate resilient yield streams and dampen overall portfolio volatility.
  • The wide variety of opportunities means individual strategies feature different investment risks and return drivers and may, therefore, have little correlation with each other and to the rest of an investor's portfolio.

Portfolio Fit

The Fund seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns and high current income.

Learn more about CAPIX

Contact us to learn more about the potential long-term benefits of including Calamos Aksia Alternative Credit and Income Fund in an asset allocation.


Private Credit Portfolio Statistics1

As of 4/30/24
Name Fund
# Underlying Loans: 88
# of Industries: 36
# Sourcing Partners: 45
First Lien: 99%
Floating Rate: 98%
Avg Loan to Value: 43%
Avg EBITDA: $200.9M
Duration (Years): 0.21
Avg. Maturity (Years): 4.48

Industry Weightings2

As of 4/30/24

aksia industry weightings 4-30-24


As of 4/30/24

aksia strategy positioning 4-30-24

Private Credit Portfolio Substrategy2

As of 4/30/24

aksia private credit portfolio substrategy 4-30-24

Largest Ten Credit Investments

As of 4/30/24
Investment Name Strategy Sub-Strategy Yield4 Loan to Value % of NAV
Project Empire Real Asset Credit Energy Lending 11.8% 34% 2.8%
Project Melody Real Estate Credit U.S. CRE Debt - Large Balance 9.8% 58% 2.7%
Project Eclipse Direct Lending US Direct Lending - Lower 11.2% 41% 2.6%
Project Albany Real Estate Credit U.S. CRE Debt - Mid-market 12.5% 52% 2.3%
Project Juniper Direct Lending US Direct Lending - Core 11.8% 44% 2.0%
Project Zenith Specialty Finance Regulatory Capital 11.8% N/A 2.0%
Project Bluegrass Specialty Finance Technology Lending 11.8% 25% 2.0%
Project Oasis Real Estate Credit U.S. CRE Debt - Large Balance 11.3% 63% 2.0%
Project Armstrong Direct Lending US Direct Lending - Upper/Mega 10.4% 25% 2.0%
Project Lavender Specialty Finance Technology Lending 12.1% 37% 2.0%
Holdings are presented to illustrate examples of the securities that the Fund has bought and the diversity of the areas in which the Fund may invest and may not be representative of the Fund’s current or future investments. The figures presented are as of the date shown and may change at any time. Investment names are not representative of the legal name of the investment entity. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
1All statistics in this section are related to the portion of the portfolio invested in private credit assets
2Percentages are based on the invested portfolio and do not reflect investments held in funds and are subject to change. Other includes investments that do not have a strategy or industry classification.
3Other includes all industries with a net weight below 1.3% as well as investments that do not have an industry classification, and cash.
4Represents the projected return of each investment and is not reflective of the overall yield of the fund and is gross of fees charged by CAPIX.

Fund Information

Fund Information

As of 4/30/24
Ticker: CAPIX (Class I shares)
Objective: The fund seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns and high current income
Structure: Interval Fund (40-Act registered) with daily purchase and quarterly repurchase
Accreditation Requirement: None
Purchase: Daily
Benchmark: Morningstar LSTA US Leveraged Loan Index
Leverage: Up to 25%
Private Fund5 Investment Limitation: Maximum of 15%
Liquidity Terms: Quarterly; no less than 5% of outstanding shares
Distributions: Quarterly
Tax Reporting: 1099-DIV
Expenses6: 1.50% (excluding borrowing costs)
Performance Fee: None
5The term “private fund” means an issuer that would be an investment company, as defined in section 3 of the Investment Company Act of 1940 ( 15 U .S.C. 80a–3 ), but for section 3(c)(1) or 3(c)(7) of that Act.

6Expenses include management fees of 1.25% of net assets and other expenses capped at 0.25% but excludes fees and interest on borrowed funds of 0.7% as of 4/30/24.
The Advisor, the Sub-Advisor and the Fund have entered into the Expense Limitation Agreement under which the Advisor and Sub-Advisor have agreed contractually for a three-year period from the date of the Prospectus to reimburse certain other expenses incurred in the business of the Fund on a 50/50 basis, calculated and reimbursed on a Class-by-Class basis in respect of each of Class A, Class C, and Class I, with the exception of (i) the Investment Management Fee, (ii) the Shareholder Servicing Fee, (iii) the Distribution Fee, (iv) certain costs associated with the acquisition, ongoing investment and disposition of the Fund’s investments and unconsummated investments, including legal costs, professional fees, travel costs and brokerage costs, (v) acquired fund fees and expenses, (vi) dividend and interest payments (including any dividend payments, interest expenses, commitment fees, or other expenses related to any leverage incurred by the Fund), (vii) taxes and costs to reclaim foreign taxes, and (viii) extraordinary expenses (as determined in the discretion of the Advisor and Sub-Advisor), to the extent that such expenses exceed 0.25% of the average daily net assets of such class. See the prospectus for estimated interest expenses and additional information regarding fees and estimated operating expenses.

How to Invest in CAPIX

Unlike most private asset funds, Calamos Aksia Alternative Credit and Income Fund does not require accreditation or have investor qualification standards. Investors can purchase fund shares on a daily basis.


Prospectus and Reports

CAPIX Prospectus

You should read the accompanying prospectus and any accompanying prospectus supplement, which contain important information, before deciding whether to invest in our securities.


The statement of additional information is a supplementary document to the fund’s prospectus and contains additional information about the fund and includes further disclosure regarding its operations.

Semi-Annual Report

The semi-annual report provides a comprehensive review of the fund’s activities and financial performance over a six month period.

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Before investing, carefully consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Please see the prospectus and summary prospectus containing this and other information which can be obtained by calling 1-866-363-9219. Read it carefully before investing.

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