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Introducing the Calamos Closed-End Fund Snapshot

Today we’re introducing the Calamos Closed-End Fund Snapshot, a monthly publication designed to support investment professionals in their search for income strategies. Our seven Calamos closed-end funds provide a compelling alternative in a low yield world.

We understand that a predictable level of cash is a key priority to investors seeking income. With managed rate and level rate distribution policies, our closed-end funds are managed with the goal of providing steady (although not assured) monthly distributions.

Download the first issue of the Snapshot, which includes:

  • Current annualized distribution rates for the funds versus yields of market benchmarks
  • Monthly distributions
  • A premium/discount summary
  • Fund performance data
  • Distribution details

Investment professionals, for more information about Calamos closed-end funds, reach out to your Calamos Investment Consultant at 888-571-2567 or

All Calamos closed-end funds: Investments by the Fund in lower-rated securities involve substantial risk of loss and present greater risks than investments in higher rated securities, including less liquidity and increased price sensitivity to changing interest rates and to a deteriorating economic environment. 

Fixed income securities are subject to interest-rate risk; as interest rates go up, the value of debt securities in the Fund’s portfolio generally will decline. There are certain risks associated with an investment in a convertible bond such as default risk—that the company issuing a convertible security may be unable to repay principal and interest, and interest rate risk—that the convertible may decrease in value if interest rates increase.

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