CPZ Outpaces S&P 500, VXA0 and MSCI World in Q1

April 9, 2021

Closed-end fund Calamos Long/Short Equity & Dynamic Income Trust (CPZ) may be an excellent idea for clients concerned about equity market volatility and high current market valuations, and in search of income that is not necessarily tied to high duration or low credit fixed income securities.

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Looking for Income? Don’t Overlook Closed-end Fund CPZ

January 14, 2021

With wide investment parameters by design, Calamos Long/Short Equity & Dynamic Income Trust (CPZ) may invest and participate in a plethora of investments and strategies seeking to not only optimize the total return and income aspects of the portfolio, but also potentially mitigate market risk across the spectrum of its investible assets.

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WATCH: The ICI Panel on Launching and Supporting a Closed-end Fund

November 13, 2020

Calamos is committed to closed-end fund education and support of our closed-end funds. Calamos Founder, Chairman and Global Chief Investment Officer John P. Calamos, Sr., President and Head of Global Distribution Robert F. Behan, and Senior Vice President and Director of Closed-End Fund Products Robert F. Bush, Jr. offer their thoughts in this video discussion.

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Introducing the Calamos Closed-End Fund Snapshot

October 23, 2020

Our new monthly publication provides detail on Calamos' seven closed-end funds, including current annualized distribution rates for the funds versus yields of market benchmarks, monthly distributions, a premium/discount summary, fund performance data and distribution details.

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Indiscriminate Selling Has Driven Closed-end Fund Discounts, Creating Compelling Value

April 3, 2020

Robert Bush, Calamos Senior Vice President and Director of Closed-End Fund Products, points out that even with all the benefits attributable to closed-end funds—intraday trading, low financing costs of leverage, ability to be fully invested, and consistent source of income—they have some idiosyncrasies that present challenges, especially during extreme volatility.

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