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Any Gas Left in the Tank? Investors Wonder What to Expect After EM’s Strong 1st Half

“When returns in emerging markets are so strong in the first half of the year, how likely are they to continue through the second half?”

That’s the question about emerging markets that our Calamos Global and International Portfolio Specialist Todd Speed, CFA, has been fielding lately.

The MSCI Emerging Markets Index gained 18.60% from January to June, twice the Standard & Poor’s 500 9.34% return. For those who wonder whether there can be any more to the EM equities rally, Speed provides this analysis.

Since 1992 there have been six years that started out with similar strength (>12% returns over the first six months and an average of 23.12%). In five of the six years the second-half returns delivered robust gains as well, with an average return of 21.87%. The notable exception was 1997 as the Asian Financial Crisis ultimately engulfed multiple regions.

Chart 1

Speed cites a few reasons for optimism about July through December 2017. “Emerging market gains are supported by better fundamentals than we’ve seen in years including a sustained pickup in the economy across many emerging economies, stronger currencies versus the U.S. dollar, and leading earnings growth,” he says.

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