Growth Equities
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Growth Equities Capabilities

Calamos delivers growth equity strategies focused on long-term performance and guided by fundamental, active management. Our capabilities target growth opportunities across US and international markets, including companies across the market capitalization spectrum.

Our US growth team takes a high active share approach, with rigorous research and a high relative growth focus. In our international and global strategies, our team seeks risk-adjusted returns through investment in companies with both high growth and quality attributes in developed and emerging markets. Our small-cap team employs a disciplined, high-growth style that seeks companies with high and sustainable growth potential.

Recent Growth Equities Insights

We See Continued Upside for Quality-Oriented Growth Stocks in 2024

The investment team of Calamos Growth Fund (CGRIX) explain why they believe the fund will be well served by its focus on what they consider to be quality growth companies, including positions in leading technology companies and health care innovators.

The Fed’s Dovish Pivot: A Catalyst for Sustained Small Cap Strength

Brandon Nelson, CFA, shares his perspective on the strong performance of small caps during the fourth quarter, his outlook and discusses how Calamos Timpani Small Cap Growth Fund (CTSIX) and Calamos Timpani SMID Growth Fund (CTIGX) are positioned for the opportunities he sees.


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