Volatility Opportunity Guide

At Calamos Investments we believe that volatility and down markets are to be expected, planned for and yes, benefited from.

Volatility leads to investment opportunities, we know from experience — and are happy to share some of our experiences and insights with you in this resource guide. Managing volatility is Calamos’ specialty and we welcome the opportunity to help you with your clients’ conversations and investment plans. Your rough patch, as we like to say, is our sweet spot.

“No two market downturns are exactly the same, which often adds to investor anxiety as events are unfolding. However, financial markets and the global economy have weathered all types of unprecedented events and have moved forward."

"There are opportunities in all environments for active long-term approaches. Our teams are committed to uncovering those opportunities amid the volatility, and we believe we are well positioned to do so.”

John P. Calamos, Sr.
John P. Calamos, Sr.
Founder, Chairman and Global Chief Investment Officer

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