Calamos Timpani SMID Growth Fund

Fund Stats

  • NAV


    $0.64 (3.80%)

    As of 12/3/21

  • Daily YTD Return


    As of 12/3/21

  • Total Net Assets

    $23.7 Million

    As of 9/30/21

  • Inception Date



The Fund invests in the equity securities of small and mid-capitalization companies with high, sustainable growth potential, which may exceed market expectations.

Key Features

  • Combines fundamental research with the analysis of estimate revisions to identify the underestimated growth differential between a company's business strength and market expectations of that strength.
  • Pursues active management in a less-followed investment space.
  • Analyzes secular trends to uncover exploitable investment opportunities specific to small cap and mid cap companies.

Portfolio Fit

Investing in small and mid cap companies is an important component of a diversified investment strategy. Small and mid-sized companies tend to have a greater chance of growing rapidly and outperforming large-cap companies, yet this greater potential also raises the potential for greater volatility--which is why we believe active management is crucial to small and mid cap investing.

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Calendar Year Total Returns

As of 9/30/21
Date Calamos Timpani SMID Growth Fund (NAV) Russell 2500 Growth Index
YTD 2021 8.11 4.84
2020 58.94 40.47
2019* -3.8 0

*Reflects the fund's return from the inception date of 7/31/2019 through 12/31/2019.

Annualized Total Returns

As of 9/30/21 As of 10/31/21
TimeFrame Calamos Timpani SMID Growth Fund (NAV) Russell 2500 Growth Index
1 Year 35.27 31.98
Since Inception 26.1 22.48
TimeFrame Calamos Timpani SMID Growth Fund (NAV) Russell 2500 Growth Index
1 Year 47.46 37.12
Since Inception 30.68 24.28

Important Fund Information

10k Performance results are before taxes on fund distributions and assume reinvestment of dividends and capital gains. Index data shown is from 7/31/19, since comparative index data is available only for full monthly periods. Source: Calamos Investments

Performance data quoted represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted. Please refer to Important Risk Information. The principal value and return of an investment will fluctuate so that your shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Performance reflected at NAV does not include the Fund's maximum front-end sales load of 4.75%. Had it been included, the Fund's return would have been lower.

The Russell 2500® Growth Index measures the performance of the small to midcap growth segment of the US equity universe. It includes those Russell 2500 companies with higher growth earning potential. The Russell 2500 Growth Index is published and maintained by FTSE Russell.

Unmanaged index returns, unlike fund returns, do not reflect fees, expenses or sales charges. Investors cannot invest directly in an index.

Average annual total return measures net investment income and capital gain or loss from portfolio investments as an annualized average. All performance shown assumes reinvestment of dividends and capital gains distributions.

The funds' gross expense ratios as of the prospectus dated 3/1/2021 are as follows: A Shares 2.45%, I Shares 2.25% and R6 Shares 2.25%.


Sector Weightings

As of 9/30/21
Sector % of Assets Russell 2500 Growth Index
Information Technology 28.1% 27.7%
Health Care 21.6% 24.7%
Industrials 17.6% 13.8%
Consumer Discretionary 17.2% 15.4%
Financials 5.8% 5.4%
Consumer Staples 3.1% 2.7%
Energy 2.3% 1.9%
Communication Services 2.1% 2.4%
Materials 1.4% 2.9%
Real Estate 0.6% 2.7%
Utilities 0.0% 0.4%
Other 0.0% 0.0%

Asset Allocation

As of 9/30/21
Asset Allocation %
Common Stock 99.648
Cash and Receivables/Payables 0.352

Top 10 Holdings

As of 9/30/21
Company Security Type Industry %
Lpl Financial Holdings, Inc. Stocks Investment Banking & Brokerage 3.3%
Generac Holdings, Inc. Stocks Electrical Components & Equipment 2.9%
SiTime Corp. Stocks Semiconductors 2.9%
Horizon Therapeutics, PLC Stocks Biotechnology 2.9%
TopBuild Corp. Stocks Homebuilding 2.8%
Dynatrace, Inc. Stocks Application Software 2.6%
Lithia Motors, Inc. - Class A Stocks Automotive Retail 2.6%
Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. Stocks Environmental & Facilities Services 2.5%
Axon Enterprise, Inc. Stocks Aerospace & Defense 2.5%
Celsius Holdings, Inc. Stocks Soft Drinks 2.5%
Total 27.5%

Fund Facts

As of 9/30/21
Name Fund Russell 2500 Growth Index
Number of Holdings 91 1,449
Debt/Capital 30.7% 45.7%
Price/Earnings 36.9x 26.2x
Price/Sales 4.1x 2.7x
ROIC 15.4% 13.7%
Net Assets $23.7 M N/A

Market Capitalization

As of 9/30/21
Market CAP Range % of Assets
<=$2bil 17.6%
>$2bil<=$4bil 13.8%
>$4bil<=$7bil 20.4%
>$7bil<=$16bil 28.9%
>$16bil 19.2%



Name Frequency
Distributions ANNUAL
Capital Gains ANNUAL

Estimated 2021 Capital Gains
Estimated capital gains distributions for Calamos mutual funds were announced November 1, 2021. To view the report, click here.

2020 Capital Gains
Capital gains for Calamos Mutual Funds were declared on December 22, 2020. To view the report, click here.

Fees & Expenses

Annual Expenses

Name A Shares I Shares R6 Shares
Gross Expense Ratio 2.45% 2.25% 2.25%
Net Expense Ratio 1.35% 1.10% 1.06%

Investment Information

Name A Shares I Shares R6 Shares
Minimum initial investment $2500 $1 million $0
Minimum subsequent investments $50 N/A N/A
IRA initial investments $500 N/A N/A

Fund Information

Name A Shares I Shares R6 Shares
Inception Date 7/31/19 7/31/19 7/31/19
CUSIP number 128120375 128120367 128120359

Sales & Distribution

Name A Shares I Shares R6 Shares
Sales Load Front-End N/A N/A
Maximum Sales Charge 4.75 N/A N/A
US Bank Fund Number 5653 5654 5655

The Fund's investment advisor has contractually agreed to reimburse Fund expenses through March 1, 2023 to the extent necessary so that Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses of Class A shares and Class I shares are limited to 1.35% and 1.10% of average net assets, respectively. The Fund's investment advisor has contractually agreed to limit the Fund's annual ordinary operating expenses for Class R6 shares (as a percentage of average net assets) to 1.10% less the Fund's annual sub-transfer agency ratio (the aggregate sub-transfer agency fees of the Fund's other share classes divided by the aggregate average annual net assets of the Fund's other share classes). For purposes of these expense limitations, operating expenses do not include taxes, interest, short interest, short dividend expenses, brokerage commissions, acquired fund fees and expenses, and extraordinary expenses, if any. Calamos Advisors may recapture previously waived expense amounts within the same fiscal year for any day where the respective share class's expense ratio falls below the contractual expense limit up to the expense limit for that day. This undertaking is binding on Calamos Advisors and any of its successors and assigns. This agreement is not terminable by either party.


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