Investment Ideas

Breaking Up with TINA

Matt Freund, Christian Brobst
May 24, 2022

There is no alternative to equities. That was thinking that prevailed for years, but now it’s time to re-engage with fixed income. Move over, TINA, and make room for CINDY (Credit Is Now Delivering Yield).

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Question Marks on the Horizon but No Worries: Calamos Fixed Income Team Is Positive, Always Selective

Charles E. Carmody, Christian Brobst, Matt Freund
January 29, 2021

Matt Freund, CFA, Co-CIO, Head of Fixed Income Strategies, Senior Co-Portfolio Manager, Charles E. Carmody, CFA, Vice President, Co-Portfolio Manager and Senior Fixed Income Trader, and Christian Brobst, Vice President and Associate Portfolio Manager, on today’s opportunities, providing sufficient compensation for the risk to be taken.

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