Calamos President & CEO John Koudounis on Calamos AUM growth, extension into Chicago on Mornings with Maria – 5/7/21

May 7, 2021

Watch Calamos CEO John Koudounis with Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo as he describes Calamos’ growth as having doubled to $37.5 billion in the last four years. John also comments on how to invest in equity markets (e.g., market neutral, hedged equity and convertible securities) even as fiscal policy uncertainty fuels volatility.

Calamos CEO John Koudounis on Fox Business' Claman Countdown – 2/3/21

February 3, 2021

Watch Calamos CEO John Koudounis on Fox Business’ Claman Countdown as he comments on the environment for consumer and technology stocks.

3 Common Mistakes Made by Investors Today

November 8, 2019

Matt Freund, CFA, Co-CIO, Head of Fixed Income Strategies and Senior Co-Portfolio Manager, elaborates on three common mistakes being made by investors in today’s markets—resulting in poor timing, taking on too much risk and missed opportunities.