Sustainable Investing: Why an Integrated Approach Best Serves Investors

March 17, 2023

Hear Beth Williamson, VP, Head of Sustainable Equities Research and Associate Portfolio Manager discuss why we believe an integrated approach to ESG investing delivers a competitive edge.

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) represent the three pillars of sustainability. In a business context, sustainability refers to how well a company’s business model contributes to enduring development.

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Investments involve risk. Principal loss is possible.  There can be no assurance that the Fund(s) will achieve its investment objective.

The Fund's ESG policy could cause it to perform differently compared to similar funds that do not have such a policy. The application of the social and environmental standards of Calamos Advisors may affect the Fund's exposure to certain issuers, industries, sectors, and factors that may impact the relative financial performance of the Fund-positively or negatively-depending on whether such investments are in or out of favor.