Investment Team Voices

Airlines: Positioned for Take Off?

Jay Stewart, CFA
November 20, 2020

Progress in Covid-19 vaccine development provides a powerful tailwind to the struggling airline industry. Jay Stewart takes a look at the upside opportunities the Calamos Global Team sees, including the types of airline companies that they believe are best positioned for success.

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Field Notes: Insights on the Global Payments Ecosystem

Global Team Perspectives by Alex Wolf, CFA
November 11, 2019

Our global team shares additional thoughts on the global payments ecosystem following a conference on the future of money that featured some of the world’s leading experts in payments, regtech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and digital trust. Forums such as these complement our in-house research, in this case deepening our understanding of evolving payment industry and its nuanced investment opportunities.

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India vs. Brazil: A Contrast in Fundamentals

Nick Niziolek, CFA; Dennis Cogan, CFA; and Dave Gallagher, CFA
November 2, 2015

As a comparison of India and Brazil illustrates, EMs are on varying economic reform and monetary policy trajectories, with different levels of exposure to falling commodity prices. Selectivity remains essential against this backdrop.

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A Long-Term View for China

Nick Niziolek
November 25, 2014

In the wake of China's rate cut, Co-Portfolio Manager Nick Niziolek discusses three of the trends that Calamos is monitoring most closely to assess China's prospects and why our long-term outlook remains generally positive.

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Japanese Equities Look Better and Better

Nick Niziolek
November 4, 2014

Japanese equities and global equities should benefit from recently announced changes by the Bank of Japan and Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund, explains Co-Portfolio Manager Nick Niziolek.

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