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We See Strengthening Tailwinds for Companies with Fundamental Momentum

Brandon Nelson, CFA

We believe:
  • The investment style headwinds that have challenged CTSIX and CTIGX over recent months (e.g., a market preference for lower growth and for companies with murky fundamentals) show signs of abating.
  • Falling correlations bode well for savvy, fundamentally driven approaches.
  • Companies with above-average growth and fundamental strength provide the most compelling opportunities.

What a wild quarter. January started strong with a short-covering surge in beaten down stocks. Cyclical stocks in industries relating to semiconductors, retail, transportation, homebuilding and building products led the way. Throughout February, macro data points had investors continuing to fret about the trajectory of Federal Reserve interest rate hikes. By early March, a banking crisis was born, and regional bank stocks were significant loss leaders, triggering investors to rotate toward high-quality growth stocks and away from cyclicals.

Although the banking crisis is likely to result in tighter lending standards, the upshot is that the Federal Reserve likely won't need to hike interest rates as much to achieve its goals. Ending the hikes could have a sustained positive impact on equity valuation multiples.

That's a lot of twisting and turning—but quietly, in the background, something very important is happening: Correlations among stocks are trending lower and are back to near-average levels. Why is this important? When correlations are high, it means stocks are all moving together and are being driven largely by macro developments. Falling correlations mean the macro impact is lessening and that company-specific developments are driving more of the stock price action. This can often be a favorable backdrop for savvy stock pickers who focus on company-specific fundamentals.

We believe Calamos Timpani Small Cap Growth Fund (CTSIX) and Calamos Timpani SMID Growth Fund (CTIGX) are well positioned for the current environment. Both funds struggled over the past several months, mostly because of investment stylistic headwinds. In the first half of 2022, the market punished high growth small cap stocks; and in the fourth quarter of 2022 and January of 2023, companies with murky fundamentals rallied the most.

Our funds are tilted toward stocks with above-average growth and very visible fundamental strength. Oddly enough, those were bad places to be in 2022 and early 2023. However, we believe the markets are on the verge of appreciating companies with fundamental momentum once again and we began to see evidence of this change for the better in early February.

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