What Makes CPLIX Different

December 13, 2017

Michael Grant, SVP, Senior Portfolio Manager, says the team has the flexibility to “to play whatever hand the market deals us.”


Video recorded 11/8/2017.

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Media Appearances

Global Allocation Flexibility: The Secret Sauce

December 13, 2017

Michael Grant, SVP, Senior Portfolio Manager, discusses why the team’s ability to asset allocate equity capital across the entire global equity universe is key in delivering superior returns.

Separating What’s Important from What’s Not

December 13, 2017

Michael Grant, SVP, Senior Portfolio Manager, says the days of information as an investor’s edge are over. Good decisions, not good information, are what counts now.

How We Pursue Superior Returns

December 13, 2017

Michael Grant, SVP, Senior Portfolio Manager, describes the appeal of long/short equity: to act like a long-only investor when the environment is favorable and yet to have the flexibility to preserve capital when the environment turns.

The Long Short Model | Calamos Phineus Long/Short Fund

July 27, 2016

Michael Grant, SVP, Senior Co-Portfolio Manager, breaks down his philosophy and approach to the Calamos Phineus Long/Short Fund. Key topics include the long/short model, manager flexibility, and the structure used to implement investment ideas within the portfolio. Video recorded June 29, 2016.