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LinkedIn? We Can Help With This Time-saving Way to Serve Clients, Build Business

For better or worse (some say it’s for the better—keep reading), the investment professional’s job has changed as a result of social distancing required by COVID-19. Interactions with clients are largely virtual, and prospecting requires some new thinking.

Making the Transition from In-person Events to Online Engagement

If you’re accustomed to earning new business from in-person events, you know how to work a room, how to share something about yourself and how to show your interest in others.

Effective social media participation uses all of those skills—with one major difference. On social networks you’re in an environment where others are doing their best to impress, too. And that means you need to bring it.

Having a token social presence is not going to get you the kind of reception you’re accustomed to getting from in-person events. To be effective on LinkedIn, in particular, you may need to learn a few new tricks about reaching out, attracting attention, earning followers, and serving clients while at the same time creating favorable impressions with prospects looking to try what you have to say before they buy. This is something we can help with.

Given what’s changed, if this were 10 years ago, the near-term business outlook might be grim. Last year, growth-focused investment professionals told Broadridge Financial Solutions that they found in-person events to be their most effective channel. Pre-pandemic that’s where business was expected to come from.

But that was then, and this is now. Our experience now with investment professionals, along with research conducted recently, confirms that social media participation in 2020 has been a difference-maker in both communicating with clients and winning business.

  • 2/3 of financial advisor respondents believe that they are using social media in a way that improves their business.
    Source: Greenwich
  • 3 out 4 of U.S. advisors who used social media for business initiated new relationships or on-boarded new clients.
    Source: Putnam Investments Social Advisor Study, 2020
  • 9 out of 10 advisors said social media has changed the nature of their relationships with clients during the pandemic—that’s almost double what was reported in 2019.
    Source: Putnam Investments Social Advisor Study, 2020 and 2019

And what about you? For those of you who haven’t prioritized your social media presence to date or suspect you could be more effective, we offer the data below to nudge you in our direction. We can help.

Work with us and you may realize your potential as a social media superstar. Or, maybe you’ll just be you—and that alone will be more than enough to deepen your relationships with clients and broaden the reach of what you have to say.

Where The Clients’ Faces Are

It’s long been true that the battle for new clients, and to retain generations of clients, has moved online. Websites were named in last year's Broadridge survey as the second most effective marketing channel.

But the experience of this year finally closes the case on the role that social media plays. Simply put, your clients and prospects spend more time on social platforms than you can ever expect them to spend on your own site.

If you’re anything like the respondents to this Broadridge survey, you know you need to be more “client-facing.”

advisors desired change to how they allocate their time

For the last several months, social media platforms are where the faces of clients of all ages are. Increasingly, they expect to see you there, too.

people are spending more time on social media since the pandemic

time spent discussing market movements with clients

Leverage Your Time

“But I don’t have time to do all this.” Back in the day that was a common pushback from investment professionals who considered social media optional. This year’s experience has turned that objection on its end. Social media offers a way to leverage your effort.

Survey after survey shows that you’re spending more time than ever communicating with clients about market movements—likely often repeating yourself.

Clients have been surveyed, too, about communicating during the pandemic, and their message is unambiguous. The more they hear from you, the happier they are—and the more impressed they are with the value you provide.

the more communications during the crisis

Think of the time you spend on individual phone calls and emails. Now consider how you might scale those messages with social media posts. Your market updates, for example, keep your clients informed and have the potential to be shared by them with their networks. Even the social media post that triggers a follow-up call or email will get you further faster.

Just as lines have blurred this year between work and home so have the barriers dropped on social networks. New research shows that Baby Boomers are the last holdout to have reservations about reading your posts or your following them on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

receptive to reading advisor communications on social media

receptive to being followed by advisors on social media

Of course, the best social platform for business purposes is LinkedIn. It's by far investment professionals’ preferred social network, according to research conducted over the years.

advisors assessment of linkedin vs twitter

What’s more, LinkedIn is the best fit for your brand.

how much do u.s social media users agree that social media platforms respect privacy and data

On LinkedIn, too, user sessions have grown during the pandemic, and Microsoft recently reported that engagement was at record levels.

growth of linkedin sessions during the pandemic

Get Our Help

We want to help you like we helped one client, an investment professional who’s doubled his AUM and needed to close his practice to new clients for the rest of the year.

Ask your Calamos Investment Consultant for that story when you dial 888-571-2567 or email

LinkedIn training and consulting is what Calamos Investment Consultants specialize in, as you can read more about in this post.

The research tells us that you may have any number of reasons for not acting until now. Last year, 41% of advisor respondents to an American Century Investments' study said they were reluctant to use social media for business for fearing of making a mistake. Understandable, we've heard that, too. And see the obstacles below, as identified by this year's Greenwich research.

obstacles to further utilizing social media

Whatever's kept you from missing out on the benefits of social media and LinkedIn, in particular, let's work through them now together to jumpstart 2021.

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