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A Top Performing Global Long-Short Fund: Advisor Perspectives
A Top Performing Global Long-Short Fund

An Advisor Perspectives Q&A with Co-Portfolio Manager Michael Grant discusses the Phineus Long/Short Fund, focusing on market risks and flexibility.

Growing Calamos Investments
Growing Calamos

In an interview with Leaders Magazine, CEO John Koudounis discusses his excitement for joining the Calamos team, as well as his business focus moving forward.

After 40 Years a Throwback Goes Back to Investing | Calamos Investments
After 40 Years, a Throwback Goes Back to Investing

A Q&A with John P. Calamos, Sr., covering topics such as market volatility and convertible securities, which he discussed in a recent podcast interview with reporter Chuck Jaffe, was featured in the Wall Street Journal's “Investing in Funds & ETFs” report.

Emerging Markets- A Lower Volatility Approach | Calamos Investments
Emerging Markets: A Lower-Volatility Approach

In an article published by Engaged Investor, Terry O’Malley, SVP, Director of International Institutional Sales, discusses Calamos’ emerging markets strategy.

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