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How One Advisor Prepares His Clients for Market Shocks

January 16, 2018

We start 2018 with conditions—low market volatility, fuller valuations and rising rates—that could change quickly, challenging assumptions.

Investment Team Voices

Heading into 2018, International Assets Are Positioned for Outperformance

December 08, 2017

Global growth conditions, dollar weakness and relative valuations are among the factors that support our constructive view for international risk assets.



Calamos Alternative Snapshot

January 16, 2018

Volatility’s 2017 Vanishing Act


Calamos EM Snapshot

January 19, 2018

Mobile app usage is an example of how FinTech is driving emerging markets growth, with China and India (whose mobile use has been enabled by subsidized unlimited 4G access) leading worldwide adoption. In addition to ranking first in app downloads, China also is the largest market by consumer spend.