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Searching For ‘Volatility’ Insights? This Guide Can Help

March 16, 2018

Download our Volatility Opportunity Guide for perspectives on strategies for investing in choppy markets.

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Whether Vol is High or Low, Gamma Trading Can Exploit Opportunity

February 28, 2018

Volatility can strengthen the tailwinds for the gamma trading Calamos does in our market neutral income strategy. But even without high levels of market volatility, our team can find still opportunities, explains Co-Portfolio Manager Jason Hill.



Calamos Alternative Snapshot

March 12, 2018

When Stocks and Bonds Decline at the Same Time


Calamos EM Snapshot

March 16, 2018

All-time low inflation in emerging markets, according to a recent Danske Bank research note, is the result of continually tight monetary policy, the increasing independence of emerging market central banks, changes in private consumption patterns, growing diversification in response to low commodity prices, and muted global inflationary pressures.

The Morningstar Market Neutral Category represents funds that attempt to eliminate the risks of the market by holding 50% of assets in long positions in stocks and 50% of assets in short positions.

The Morningstar Foreign Large Growth Category is comprised of funds that seek capital appreciation by investing in large international stocks that are growth-oriented. Large-cap foreign stocks have market capitalizations greater than 5 billion. Growth is defined based on high price/book and price/cash flow ratios, relative to the MSCI EAFE Index. These funds typically will have less than 20% of assets invested in U.S. stocks.