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‘Experience Will Matter More from Here,’ Says Fixed Income Head Matt Freund

October 05, 2017

A differentiated perspective matters in fixed income investing, says Calamos Co-Chief Investment Officer and Head of Fixed Income Strategies Matt Freund, CFA.

Investment Team Voices

Driving a Convertible Allocation: Active Management Means You Can Put the Top Up

September 29, 2017

Convertible securities can be an excellent choice for a strategic allocation. But achieving—and maintaining—the appropriate risk/reward characteristics requires active management.



Calamos Alternative Snapshot

October 09, 2017

U.S. Convertibles are the top-performing Morningstar alternatives category year to date and have been a fund flows leader this year.


Calamos EM Snapshot

October 06, 2017

A strong dollar environment prevailed before this year, in part because of the “weak-euro” and “weak-yen” environment. With the euro zone and Japan recovering, their currencies are no longer pushing the dollar ever higher.