Investment Commentary

Investment Commentary

Our investment team provides ideas and analysis of important investment concepts and topics. By sharing our thoughts on trends in the market place, changes in sectors, asset allocation ideas or events of the day we hope to better educate the investing public.

The Case for Strategic Convertible Allocations Thumbnail
The Case for Strategic Convertible Allocations March 30, 2017

John P. Calamos, Sr. and Eli Pars discuss the role of convertible securities within portfolios, the value of active management, and encouraging global trends within the convertible market.

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Easing Global Headwinds Point to Higher Equities in 2017 January 24, 2017

Michael Grant, Sr. Co-Portfolio Manager of Calamos Phineus Long/Short Fund, discusses how populism, monetary policy, and a new U.S. presidential administration shape his team’s outlook for the global economy and markets. He also explains how the fund is positioned to capitalize on reflationary tailwinds.

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Positioning for the Late Stages of the Bull Market: 2017-2018 September 27, 2016

Michael Grant, Sr. Co-Portfolio Manager of Calamos Phineus Long/Short Fund, shares his team’s views on why they see more optimistic storylines on the horizon and how macro considerations are influencing the fund’s positioning.

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Tracking the Growth Catalysts in Emerging Markets September 21, 2016

Co-CIO Nick Niziolek explores the trends influencing emerging markets equities, including market fundamentals and secular growth themes.

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Emerging Markets Rally | Calamos Investments
Does This Emerging Market Rally Have Legs? August 05, 2016

Our Global Equity Team discusses a combination of conditions we see that could support EMs over the next year and beyond.

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EM Bounce or Rally Thumbnail
EM Bounce or Rally? The Way Forward March 26, 2016

With the emerging markets rallying since late January, Nick Niziolek, CFA, Co-CIO provides an emerging markets update and discusses where the team is finding opportunities for our selective approach.

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Fine-Tuning Exposure to Emerging Economies Thumbnail
Fine-Tuning Exposure to Emerging Economies March 10, 2016

We believe EMs offer tremendous long-term growth potential but selectivity is critical. Our approach is differentiated by our focus on revenue mapping and secular growth themes, as well as our opportunistic use of convertibles.

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Identifying Global Growth Opportunities Thumbnail
Identifying Global Growth Opportunities Through a Thematic Lens March 14, 2016

Nick Niziolek and Dennis Cogan explain why an emphasis on secular themes is integral to our global growth investing approach.

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Calamos Global Insights- February 2015
Global Insights February 11, 2015

Commentary and analysis from senior members of our global investment team, with an introduction from Global Co-CIO John P. Calamos. Sr.

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Alternatives 101 Thumbnail
Alternatives 101: Tools for Enhancing Asset Allocation February 13, 2015

This brochure provides an introduction to Alternative Investments, and explores that many types of alternative funds. Learn how an alternative allocation may potentially enhance a portfolio’s diversification and decrease exposure to market volatility.

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Calamos Evolving World Growth Fund Toolkit Whitepaper Thumbnail
Understanding Emerging Market Indices September 10, 2015

At Calamos, we believe emerging markets exposure should be a core component of most portfolios seeking long-term growth. The differences among EM indices drive emerging market exposures for investors in surprising ways.

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Perspectives on Credit Quality and Convertibles
Perspectives on Credit Quality and Convertibles August 13, 2014

Co-Portfolio Manager Eli Pars discusses how the merits of an unconstrained quality approach may be especially pronounced in the current environment. He explains why strategies that are not confined to investment-grade issues offer enhanced opportunities to pursue a broader range of opportunity and to mitigate risk over full market cycles.

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Enhancing LDI Strategies with Convertibles Thumbnail
Enhancing LDI Strategies with Convertibles September 19, 2014

Eli Pars, CFA, co-portfolio manager, discusses the growing role of LDI strategies in pension schemes and how convertibles may address some of the inherent trade-offs of LDI strategies.

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