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The Philippine Growth Story Looks Set to Continue

Co-Portfolio Manager Nick Niziolek speaks to the compelling dynamics the Calamos investment team sees in Philippines financials sector.

The Case for Growth Now

Global Co-CIO Gary Black speaks to the opportunity the Calamos team sees in growth equities, reflecting valuations and the economic landscape.

Emerging Markets: PR is on the Upswing

Co-Portfolio Manager Nick Niziolek discusses the rebound in emerging market equities, the factors that could catalyze continued upside, and where the team sees opportunities.

Field Notes: India

Co-Portfolio Manager Nick Niziolek shares insights from his recent trip to India and discusses how global on-the-ground research enhances our top-down views and bottom-up perspectives.

The Game is Changing

John McClenahan, head of risk management, explores which types of stocks have tended to perform well in different economic environments and some of the factors that are influencing the market today.