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Convertibles Are Off To Another Chart-Topping Year

First published: June 13, 2017

It’s a function of market cycles that interest in any one fixed income asset class ebbs and flows. This year, convertible securities have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity among both issuers and investors. (Advisors, subscribe to our Calamos Alternatives Snapshot for insights on alternative fund flows.)

But while fixed income asset classes may trade places year after year, there has been no asset class that can rival convertible bonds in terms of performance consistency.

Convertible bonds have been the top performing asset class for five of the last 10 years and second to the top for two years. The quilt below shows the calendar year total returns (USD) ranked from best to worst from 2006-2016. And, convertibles sit on top for the year-to-date 2017.


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Here’s why we believe convertibles make sense now:

  • Their structural characteristics (the opportunity for upside equity participation with a degree of downside resilience) can appeal to investors concerned about high equity valuations.
  • They’ve proven to be less vulnerable to interest rate increases than non-convertible debt (see post). It’s a timely consideration if you’re expecting another rate increase this year.
  • Convertibles have a wide range of characteristics that can be deployed within alternative allocations, such as hedge strategies that employ convertible arbitrage (see post).

For further analysis by Calamos Founder, Chairman and Global Chief Information Officer John P. Calamos, Sr., a pioneer in investing in the asset class, see his recent blogs posts:

Financial advisors, for more information on any of the Calamos funds that use convertible securities, please see the Related Funds section or talk to your Calamos Investment Consultant at 888-571-2567 or [email protected].

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Convertible Arbitrage involves buying convertible bonds and short selling their underlying equities to attempt to hedge against equity risk, while still providing the potential for upside returns.

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