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Short-Term High Yield: The Road Less Traveled

Fixed Income Perspectives by Christian Brobst

The short-duration high yield market may be an overlooked corner of the market, but the Calamos Fixed Income team sees it as an excellent hunting ground for alpha opportunities.

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The Market Is Not Buying into the Fed’s Bearish Tone

Fixed Income Perspectives by Matt Freund, CFAThe Fed outlined a surprising plan to reduce its balance sheet before it was done raising short-term rates. On the face of it, the Fed’s plans create headwinds for fixed income, but Matt Freund explains why it’s wrong to assume that a bear market in bonds is a foregone conclusion.Read Post

The Lazy Bond Trade Is Over—But That’s Okay

Fixed Income Perspectives by Matt Freund, CFA

A 0.25% increase in short-term rates is unremarkable on its face, but what we’ve seen over these past few weeks points to a new dynamic in the Fed’s relationship with the market.

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