Test Your Emerging Markets Knowledge? Differences among indices drive emerging market exposures for investors in surprising ways.

Capturing Opportunity, Managing Risk

An Active Approach to Emerging Markets Investing

5 Essential Truths of The Calamos Doctrine

The Potential is Compelling

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A Rapidly Changing World Creates New Opportunities

Emerging markets are in the midst of economic and demographic shifts that offer exciting potential for investors. More than 2.6 billion middle-class consumers in the EMs provide unprecedented opportunities for companies and investors alike.

Emerging Markets Spur Consumer Demand

Global consumer trends are changing as the emerging market middle class grows. This creates opportunities for forward-looking companies and investors.

Untapped Demand, Future Opportunities

Although the EM middle class has already embraced everything from soft drinks to smartphones to cars, the opportunities for companies—and investors—are just beginning. This means that even if economic data tapers over the short term, the prospects for long-term investors are exciting and sustainable.

5 Essential Truths of The Calamos Doctrine

Significant Exposure Is Essential

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Opportunities Merit a Core Asset Allocation

We believe that successful asset allocations reflect long-term growth themes. The demographic and economic trends in the emerging markets have gained impressive momentum, which looks poised to continue. Investors seeking to benefit from the seismic shift in global growth drivers should revisit their allocation to emerging markets.

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5 Essential Truths of The Calamos Doctrine

Our Revenue Focus Is Pivotal

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Companies, Not Countries: An Innovative Approach

We focus on what a company does and where it earns its revenues, not where it is headquartered. Calamos Evolving World Growth participates in EM opportunities by investing in:

  1. Companies based in developed markets that are providing goods and services to emerging markets
  2. EM companies exporting to developed markets
  3. EM companies that serve their local markets
Click on the map below to learn more about our approach.

5 Essential Truths of The Calamos Doctrine

Actively Managing Risk Is Crucial

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Risk-Managed Approach to Emerging

Demographics and economic fundamentals make the long-term case for emerging market allocations. Still, the risks of EMs may be higher than in developed markets. At Calamos, we address these risks through an active, multipronged approach.

A Broader View on Emerging Market Opportunity

Because our participation in emerging markets is based on secular growth themes, we have more opportunities to choose among—and more ways to manage risks—versus funds that constrained by where a company is headquartered.

Convertible Securities Can Help Manage Equity Risks

At Calamos, we have used convertible securities for more than 35 years to help manage the downside volatility in the equity markets. Convertible securities combine attributes of stocks and fixed income securities.

Equity Market Participation with Historically Lower Volatility

Calamos Evolving World Growth Fund has delivered its returns with less risk, as measured by a number of statistics.

5 Essential Truths of The Calamos Doctrine

The Strategy Is Timely

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Put Theory Into Practice Today

"You just can't think about what is going to happen today or tomorrow. You have to look through the near-term volatility and think longer-term," says John P. Calamos Sr.

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