Convertible Securities: Reason for Optimism in 2H 2018 and Beyond

John P. Calamos, Sr.
July 11, 2018

Convertible securities may be less well known than stocks and bonds, but they offer many potential benefits. Global Chief Investment Officer John P. Calamos, Sr. explains why he believes the case for actively managed convertibles is especially strong today.

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How We Navigated Election Night Turmoil

Alternative Team Perspectives by David O’Donohue
November 11, 2016

In our market neutral approach, the work of hedging around a major event begins days, weeks or even months before. The U.S. presidential election provides a case in point.

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The Convertible Trifecta, Revisited

Convertible Perspectives by Scott Henderson, CFA
August 23, 2016

We see continued upside opportunities in convertible securities but there may be greater disparity in returns, supporting the need for selectivity and active management.

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Convertible Defaults Remain Muted

Convertible Team Perspectives by Eli Pars, CFA
May 23, 2016

Convertible default rates have remained low and stable over recent years. Co-CIO Eli Pars considers the direction of defaults going forward, including the prospects for the growth-oriented tech and health care sectors the convertible team favors.

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