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Actively Managed Funds the Best Way to Access Small Cap Growth: Advisor Research

Financial advisors believe small cap growth is a core allocation benefitting clients’ portfolios due to the persistence of what' been dubbed the "small company premium." The best way to access small cap growth is through active management. Small cap allocations cluster at about 5%-10% of equity portfolios despite advisor latitude to larger allocations.

These are among the consensus findings in Calamos' recent research Building Client Portfolios with Small Cap Growth: Views from Financial Advisors 2019. Nearly 800 advisors answered an array of questions regarding how they gain exposure to small cap companies for their clients.

Advisors, for more information:

  • See the full research results here or download the PDF.
  • Ask your Calamos Investment Consultant for Optimizing a Small Cap Portfolio Allocation, a companion whitepaper.
  • Get the help of the Calamos Portfolio Analytics team in modeling changes you’re considering to your small cap allocations. Start by reaching out to your Calamos Investment Consultant, who can be reached at 888-571-2567 or

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