Investment Ideas

Securing the Golden Years: Strategies for Mitigating Retirement Risks

May 29, 2024

Over the next three years, approximately 11,000 Americans per day will reach peak retirement age (65)—Dubbed “Peak 65.” Calamos Structured Protection ETFs can provide these retirees 100% downside protection, growth potential to help outpace inflation, and liquidity/flexibility for life’s unknowns.

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Demystifying Calamos’ 100% Downside Protection ETFs

May 13, 2024

How can Calamos build an ETF with 100% downside protection and capture upside equity performance? In this short guide, we look under the hood and demystify how Calamos ingenuity has allowed us to construct and deliver these strategies through transparent, cost-effective, liquid and tax-efficient ETF vehicles.

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