Innovative strategies for managing risk and enhancing investment returns—that’s what Calamos Investments has offered financial advisors since 1977.

Calamos is the #4 manager of assets in the Alternatives category, as ranked by AUM by Morningstar (3/31/19). We attribute this growth to broadening platform availability, growing advisor support and—most important—our funds’ continued performance as expected. We are committed to demonstrating the contribution that can be made by allocating up to 20% of clients’ portfolios to alternatives.

Investment Ideas Blog: Alternatives

@Calamos on #LiquidAlts

How traditional #fixedincome options performed May to October—and what $CMNIX did #liquidalts

5/22/2019 9:45:04 PM

Today’s #Alternatives Snapshot is out—Flipping Conventional Retirement Wisdom: Start with Bonds and Ease into Equities #liquidalts

5/20/2019 8:53:02 PM

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