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The Women & Wealth initiative represents our commitment to engaging, educating and supporting women on a variety of wealth planning topics while helping them proactively navigate their financial landscape. As women create and control an increasing share of wealth, their economic influence both at home and in the workplace continues to grow. At Calamos Wealth Management we are passionate about empowering women through financial independence.

We believe:
  • Women are more likely to value wealth for its intangible properties such as spending more time with family or starting a new career instead of material possessions.
  • Connecting and collaborating with women investors, not only benefits the lives of the individual but can also influence the entire family from one generation to the next.
  • Woman are more than clients seeking investment advice, they have aspirations and life goals as entrepreneurs, mothers, grandmothers, business leaders and beneficiaries.
Women & Wealth Library
Our collection of resources covers a variety of financial and career focused topics.
Meet our Advisors
Anita Knotts
Senior Vice President
I hope that my work opens the way for more women to enter the financial services industry. I feel strongly that women possess the communication skills, empathy and compassion (and the brainpower) to help guide clients through their financial lives. I see a day when women can sit in a boardroom and not be afraid to express their point of view. Your perspective is just as important as that of the person sitting next to you—male or female.
Christina Castrejon, CFP®
Wealth Advisor
I am extremely passionate about providing women financial guidance as well as supporting them personally and professionally. One of the aspects I love most about being a Wealth Advisor is the cultivation of deep relationships with my clients and focusing on their long term financial goals. I define my job as one contributor among many who are helping people achieve their life’s passions.