Outlook October 2018
Economic Outlook, October 2018

Economic fundamentals are encouraging but market volatility is likely to intensify. The U.S. economy looks set to continue on its growth trajectory for the next year, if not longer, and we expect growth outside the U.S. to accelerate. Even so, rising interest rates in the U.S., midterms and geopolitical pressures will contribute to elevated levels of market turbulence. The Calamos Investment Committee discusses how our teams are navigating the crosscurrents.

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Economic Outlook, July 2018

Fears of an imminent U.S. recession are premature; tax policy and a more business-friendly regulatory environment provide long-term catalysts for the economy. Although conditions outside the U.S. are less encouraging, positive global growth should continue, albeit with growing divergence among countries. The need for active risk management has increased at this point of the economic cycle, and we believe the Calamos portfolios are well positioned.

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Economic Outlook, January 2018

In 2018, many positive economic tailwinds set the stage for additional upside in stocks and other equity-sensitive assets, including convertible securities and high yield bonds. However, investors should not be surprised if volatility begins a slow return to its longer-term trend.

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Economic Outlook, July 2016

As U.S. equity markets soar, the Calamos Investment Committee considers the risks and opportunities in the global financial markets.

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Calamos Economic Outlook, January 2016

The markets have gotten off to a rocky start in 2016. While we expect volatility to remain elevated, we see a range of opportunities across asset classes.

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The Case for Strategic Convertible Allocations

John P. Calamos, Sr. and Eli Pars discuss the role of convertible securities within portfolios, the value of active management, and encouraging global trends within the convertible market.

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Reasons to Look Forward to 2018

John P. Calamos, Sr. discusses economic and policy trends that can provide tailwinds to the markets.

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The Longer-Term Opportunity in Emerging Markets

Our Global Equity Team discusses trends supporting the potential for sustained outperformance in emerging market equities over the next three to five years.

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Perspectives on Fixed Income: “Thinking Outside the Box” to Achieve Long-Term Results

Co-CIO and Head of Fixed Income Strategies Matt Freund, CFA, discusses the Calamos approach to fixed income and its key differentiators. He also shares his view of fixed income opportunities in the current environment.

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Fine-Tuning Exposure to Emerging Economies

We believe EMs offer tremendous long-term growth potential but selectivity is critical. Our approach is differentiated by our focus on revenue mapping and secular growth themes, as well as our opportunistic use of convertibles.

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Identifying Global Growth Opportunities Through a Thematic Lens

Nick Niziolek and Dennis Cogan explain why an emphasis on secular themes is integral to our global growth investing approach.

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How Long Will the Unusually Good Values in Today’s CEF Market Last?

Consistent with the general market sell off, Calamos CEFs offer unique values at current price points on both an absolute current and historical basis compared to their respect NAVs.

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