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Our mission is to protect and grow our clients' wealth as we would our own. We strive to achieve that objective with the integration of world-class investment services and thoughtful wealth planning tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

  • Individuals & Families

    Calamos Wealth Management’s clients include multi-generational families, successful entrepreneurs, business owners, working professionals, wealth inheritors and more. We understand that investment decisions carry great responsibility, and we know the efforts that go into earning money and the potential implications of losing it.

    Our founder, John P. Calamos' early experiences helped define the values of Calamos Wealth Management today. Investing on behalf of our clients is an honor and a responsibility that we do not take lightly. We recognize our clients have unique stories, and their wealth is tied to specific and important goals. Their assets are the result of lifetimes, even generations, of hard work and sacrifice.

    We count single and multi-family offices among our clients. Because of our applied experience with the Calamos family office, we collaborate effectively with family offices who seek to leverage our full suite of investment advisory, asset allocation and risk management services, including in-house chief investment officers who seek single mandate investment strategies.

    Featured: Joel Stults, Investment Consultant; Richard Gotterer, VP, Regional Director and Senior Wealth Advisor; Scott Poulin, VP, Regional Director and Senior Wealth Advisor; Joe Nader, VP, Regional Director and Senior Wealth Advisor
  • Endowments & Foundations

    Calamos Wealth Management appreciates the value of longevity and creating a legacy for the future. Our long-term view gives us unique insight into the needs of endowments and foundations that provide support to causes over a specific time period or in perpetuity. Calamos Wealth Management has experience helping non-profits and charitable organizations protect and grow their assets over time to enable them to execute on their missions.

    We have expertise in helping clients navigate the challenges associated with uncertain fund inflows and investment returns used to fund spending commitments. To help overcome these challenges, Calamos Wealth Management serves both endowment and foundation clients who seek to leverage our full suite of investment advisory, asset allocation and risk management services, and those with in-house asset allocation professionals seeking single mandate investment strategies.

    Among our associates, we have we several, including our President, who earned their Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designation. These individuals are accredited to assist others, such as volunteers on charitable and foundation boards, to understand their fiduciary responsibilities and implement appropriate policies and procedures.

    In addition, many Calamos Wealth Management associates are personally involved with non-profits and charitable organizations. Insights gained from associates’ board service, coupled with their experience transitioning client assets from one generation to the next, provide clients with a valuable perspective on governance, discretionary responsibility and spending management.

    Featured: Tom Kukulski VP, Regional Director, Mark Sagen Investment Consultant
  • Professional Athletes

    At Calamos Wealth Management, we believe that, when it comes to managing the wealth of a professional athlete, one solution does not fit all. We approach each client with an open mind and look to assist them in reaching their goals by providing a customized solution.

    Calamos Wealth Management has a dedicated team, led by Sterling Sullivan, that works with professional athletes to help convert career earnings into a life free from the burdens of wealth in a legacy that reflects their personal goals, values and objectives. We work collaboratively with an athlete’s trusted advisors, including legal and tax professionals, to create a personalized and detailed financial and investment plan with the goal of providing long-term security.

    Our firm is proud of our commitment and conviction to promoting financial literacy to athletes and their families. We believe education on the importance of budgeting, planning and investing is a key step toward financial success. And, working with families, we help the athlete channel the same discipline, determination and focus that has allowed them to reach the pinnacle of their profession toward their financial lives.

    Sterling Sullivan VP, Sr. Wealth Advisor
    “I pride myself as a Wealth Advisor to be a trusted advisor and the ‘first phone call’ when any questions arise regarding planning and investing for our athletes. Educating athletes and their families is one of the most rewarding areas for me. Providing knowledge from experience transcends any service that I can offer as a trusted advisor.” -Sterling Sullivan, VP, Sr. Wealth Advisor
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