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Women & Wealth: Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?

Wealth Advisor Christina Castrejon, in a piece for Chicago Woman magazine, explains how women can efficiently save for retirement and make that saving a priority.

Women & Wealth: Taking steps to achieve financial peace of mind and confidence

In an article for Chicago Woman magazine, Wealth Advisors Mohini McCormick and Christina Castrejon share steps women can take to help achieve financial peace of mind and financial confidence.

South Florida Legal Guide
Cash Balance Pension Plans: The Changing Landscape of Retirement Planning

In a paper for the South Florida Legal Guide, our Coral Gables team explains how Cash Balance Pension Plans may help business owners maximize retirement savings, reduce taxable income, and take advantage of protection strategies.

Private Placement Life Insurance: Strategies, Advantages, and Considerations

Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant explains the pros and cons of private placement life insurance for high net worth individuals in an article for Practical Tax Strategies.

Growing Calamos Investments
Growing Calamos

In an interview with Leaders Magazine, CEO John Koudounis discusses his excitement for joining the Calamos team, as well as his business focus moving forward.

After 40 Years a Throwback Goes Back to Investing | Calamos Investments
After 40 Years, a Throwback Goes Back to Investing

A Q&A with John P. Calamos, Sr., covering topics such as market volatility and convertible securities, which he discussed in a recent podcast interview with reporter Chuck Jaffe, was featured in the Wall Street Journal's “Investing in Funds & ETFs” report.

For Snowbird Tax Savings, Avoid Homing Pigeon Instincts

In an article in Estate Planning, Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant explains why retirees relocating to a low-tax state must sufficiently cut ties with their prior home state to achieve income tax savings.

U.S. Corporate Tax Inversions Explained: Corporate Gain or Shareholder Detriment?

An article on the increase of corporate tax inversions, written by Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant, was featured on


Avoid Estate Plan Blunders: Pitfalls in Titling Assets and Beneficiary Designations

Legally, assets can be owned in very different ways. In estate planning, there is a place for all the various ways to title assets and designate beneficiaries. Senior Wealth Advisor Richard Gotterer explains the need to match up titling and designations with your objectives and desires.

“Gift Now, or Forever Hold Your Piece”

Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant discusses proposed regulations on Family Limited Partnerships and Family Limited Liability Companies, and he provides examples of current practices that would be eliminated if the proposed regulations are passed into law.

Income Tax Reform: Party Line vs. Presidential Politics

During his campaign, Presidential candidate Trump made comments regarding income tax “reform”. The Republican Party similarly discussed its approach to income tax reform, which it referred to as the “Better Way”. With President Trump in office and the Republican Party in control of both houses of Congress, we take a step back to understand where we may be headed.

Net Unrealized Appreciation: The Forgotten Retirement Strategy

Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant explains the potential benefits of making a net unrealized appreciation (NUA) election, especially if an individual has company stock held in an employer retirement account, before simply rolling all company plan retirement assets into a traditional IRA.

Selling Your Business? Plan Ahead and Consider the Tax Consequences

Most business owners spend the majority of their time operating their business and building its value, only to realize certain tax consequences erode that value upon sale. Terry LaBant helps uncover some of the steps owners can take to preserve their business’ value before, during and after its sale.

A Debt of Acknowledgement to Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton has been famously misquoted as saying that, “a National debt will be to us a National blessing.” The part many leave off is a key caveat: “…if it is not excessive.” Investment Consultant Mark Sagen helps explain whether debt, be it a nation trying to grow its economy or a household maintaining a standard of living, can be a good thing.

Cash Balance Pension Plans – The Changing Landscape of Retirement Planning Richard Gotterer, Sr. Wealth Advisor, explains how Cash Balance Pension Plans have changed the landscape of retirement planning for many business owners, allowing them to maximize retirement savings, reduce taxable income, and take advantage of asset and creditor protection strategies.
Guarding the Million Dollar NBA Paycheck NBA required escrow represents a program enacted as part of the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement in 2011. Sterling Sullivan, CFP®, Vice President and Senior Wealth Advisor, helps to explain the NBA escrow program and the reality of salary versus take-home pay for young athletes.
Vital Planning Tips for When Children Reach the Milestone of Age 18 Turning 18 is a milestone that every young person looks forward to and a time when parents look back proudly at their child’s accomplishments. It is also that magical age when—in the eyes of the law in most states—the child becomes a legal adult. At this milestone, parents should engage in a review of their own financial and estate plans, as well as take the opportunity to educate their children.
The Benefits of Executive Compensation Executive Compensation certainly provides benefits. How much of those benefits executives retain will depend on effective and proactive investment and tax planning.
Private Placement Life Insurance: Strategies, Advantages and Considerations for High Net Worth Individuals The use of Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) can provide an option for high net worth individuals to invest in certain asset classes or provide a way to transfer assets to heirs more tax efficiently. Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant explains the benefits and cautionary notes in using PPLI as part of a wealth management strategy.
Florida Residency Tax Savings
More Than Sunshine: Establishing Florida Residency for Tax Savings Florida has long been a haven for retirees and seasonal snowbirds seeking a more relaxed lifestyle. A paper by Richard Gotterer, Regional Director and Senior Wealth Advisor, explains why more families began exploring the possibility of relocating to Florida to take advantage of its favorable tax status, as well.
U.S. Corporate Tax Inversions Explained: Corporate Gain or Shareholder Detriment? VP and Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant summarizes how U.S. corporate tax inversions have increased greatly over the past 10 years—to the point where the U.S. government recently announced new rules to stem the tide.
Florida Legislature: Financial “Age of Maturity” Now as High as 25 for Certain Transfers to Minors Last year, Florida joined a small group of states that have recently revised the age of maturity to 25 from 21 for Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) accounts. Families may now be more inclined to incorporate UTMA accounts into their estate plans given the potential for funds to be held by a custodian until the child reaches age 25.
Professional Athletes: Wealth Advisor Q&A The painful reality is that for most players in professional sports, high salaries come to an end all too soon, often for reasons beyond players’ control. Following are some key questions and answers from VP and Senior Wealth Advisor Sterling Sullivan with the goal of zeroing in on what athletes can do during their career to ensure they are building wealth that will last beyond the unavoidable uncertainties of professional sports.
The Apples and Oranges of Charitable Giving Families can foster their charitable giving legacy in many ways, including the use of private foundations and donor advised funds. As the two differ greatly in terms of structure and operations, this paper highlights some points to consider when making your philanthropic decisions.
Selling a Qualified Small Business? Consider Gain Exclusions or Rollovers

Small business owners face a variety of challenges as they grow and operate their businesses. Senior Wealth Strategist Terry LaBant explains a few ways by which some owners may be able to exclude or defer capital gains when selling their qualified small business.

2016 Federal Tax Reference Guide The 2016 Federal Tax Reference Guide lists tax facts for the 2016 tax year and includes tables divided into four categories that affect taxes paid by an individual: Investment Related, Income, Retirement Plan Contributions and Estate.