For more than 30 years, Calamos Investments has captured alpha through innovative risk-managed strategies.

We began as a boutique investment manager in the 1970s, developing strategies that maximized the potential of convertible securities to generate alpha and manage risk. We have been managing institutional assets since 1981.

We presently employ more than 300 individuals at our headquarters in Naperville, Illinois and are honored to serve a global base of institutional investors.

Our investment process focuses on a gaining comprehensive understanding of a company and the relative attractiveness of the securities within its capital structure. This has allowed us to readily expand the application of our discipline across strategies. Today, we offer a broad range of opportunistic equity and fixed income strategies with proven records of capturing market upside while limiting downside through full market cycles.

Throughout our history, the investment team has benefitted from a very high level of stability, at both the chief investment officer and senior analyst levels. The team of more than 50 investment professionals operates as an integrated group working across all strategies. Each portfolio benefits from our collaborative insights and the collective knowledge we have amassed over decades.

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