Investment Organization

At Calamos Investments we’ve built a global investment platform with focused, experienced teams, specialized by investment discipline. Our team-managed, research-driven approach marries top-down insights with bottom-up research that looks across companies’ capital structures.

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Our CIO team is responsible for oversight of investment team resources, investment processes, performance and risk. Four of our Co-CIOs also head the teams responsible for specific strategies. As heads of investment verticals, these CIOs manage investment team members and have portfolio management responsibilities for specific groups of strategies.

Co-Portfolio Managers are responsible for the construction and positioning of the portfolios. They have buy-sell authority and are responsible for the day-to-day execution of the team’s ideas. While they draw upon the insights of the research teams that support them, they also perform their own fundamental research. The Portfolio Specialists provide analysis and analytics to the portfolio management team. Their work includes attribution, performance monitoring and position analysis. They also communicate strategy positioning and performance to clients and consultants.

Our Research Team exemplifies our culture of collaboration and specialization. Members of the team have well-defined specializations, including sectors, regions, and asset classes. Team members maximize the benefits of their work through ongoing discussions and the sharing of insights across research teams. Our research analysts utilize a blend of quantitative tools and fundamental research to identify sector trends, industry views, and company-specific opportunities.

Risk management is incorporated throughout our investment process as a shared responsibility of the entire team. To support these efforts, we have a dedicated team that quantifies various risks within individual strategies and for the firm as a whole.

As an integral part of our investment organization, our trading team is focused on achieving best execution across all strategies with minimal impact to portfolios. The team provides color and insights into market activity and our research activities. Our trading desk is responsible for monitoring position liquidity and policy guidelines, as well as for trade execution and exit strategies. The team maintains relationships with dozens of brokerage firms to ensure best execution.

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