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Is Your EM Allocation Vulnerable to Index Vagaries?

John P. Calamos, Sr., CEO and global co-CIO, takes a look at how emerging market indexes are constructed and explains why passive EM strategies, including passive ETFs, may be subject to risks an active approach can avoid.

Why Are Mortgage Standards Still So Tight?

Improvements in the U.S. housing market have occurred despite continued regulatory uncertainties for banks. Christopher Mashia, U.S. Financials Sector Head, discusses how streamlined regulation could benefit banks and borrowers alike and accelerate the housing recovery.

Why Growth Stocks Now?

John P. Calamos, Sr., global co-CIO, explains why he believes growth stocks are especially attractive.

¡Viva La Reforma! Part II

Economic reforms in Mexico continue to provide tailwinds for investment opportunities, according to Co-Portfolio Manager Nick Niziolek.