Market Capitalization

Calamos Investments LLC (“Calamos Investments”) is owned (a) 22.2% by Calamos Asset Management, Inc. (“CAM”), and (b) 77.8% by Calamos Family Partners, Inc. and John P. Calamos, Sr. (the “Calamos Interests”). As of June 30, 2016, CAM holds two groups of assets: (1) CAM’s 22.2% ownership interest in Calamos Investments and (2) primarily cash and cash equivalents, investment securities, income tax receivables, net deferred tax assets, and a loan receivable from Calamos Investments. CAM presents the entire operations of Calamos Investments with its own in the consolidated financial statements. Calamos Interests’ 77.8% ownership in Calamos Investments is presented as a non-controlling interest in the consolidated financial statements. Prior to March 1, 2009, we added approximately 77 million shares to the Class A common shares outstanding so our number of fully diluted shares would reflect Calamos Interests’ ownership in Calamos Investments. The resulting share count of approximately 97 million provided a reasonable proxy for the number of shares used in determining the market capitalization of the fully consolidated company.

CAM’s certificate of incorporation provides that ownership in Calamos Investments is exchangeable into Class A shares of CAM on a fair value basis rather than a one-to-one basis, as previously structured. As a result, the reported market capitalization of CAM only reflects CAM’s 22.2% interest in Calamos Investments, rather than the full value of Calamos Investments.