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The Tax Center page includes general and fund-specific tax information, and provides investors in Calamos Open-End Mutual Funds or Closed-End Funds with information about distributions, additional federal and state reporting requirements, and more.

Cost Basis

Beginning January 2012, the Internal Revenue Service cost basis reporting regulations will take effect for mutual fund accounts. Please review the following documents for additional information on this mandate and how to calculate gains or losses on a redemption or exchange. If a cost basis method is not elected, your account(s) will default to the Average Cost method.

If you have questions please contact your financial advisor or call us at 800-582-6959 (Monday-Friday, 8 am to 6 pm central time).


You'll need to know the character of your distributions to prepare your taxes. Income distributions are income you received as a result of a regular fund distribution paid from fund earnings. Capital gains distributions are paid to shareholders of a fund out of the capital gains from the sale of the holdings in the fund's portfolio. Qualified dividends are dividends that are taxed at a lower rate of 15%, or 5% for those in the 15% or lower tax bracket, rather than the higher marginal rates applicable to ordinary income.

Income you earn from your mutual funds and closed-end funds may be taxed by the IRS. These links will take you to information about income, capital gains and qualified dividends issued by your funds.

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Some fund shareholders may be eligible for other tax deductions or credits.
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