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Market Review and Outlook, October 2009
October 9, 2009In “The Shape of Things to Come,” John P. Calamos, Sr. and Nick P. Calamos discuss the potential implications of current economic policies, their view of global growth drivers, and where our investment team is finding opportunity.
Convertibles and Rising Interest Rates
October 6, 2009In general, the more a convertible’s price is determined by the value of its underlying equities, the greater its tendency not to be influenced by changing interest rates
Convertibles and Inflation
September 14, 2009Convertibles bonds often are categorized as fixed-income securities, but they in fact are a hybrid of fixed income and equities. These characteristics may help in times of high inflation.
Convertible Market Update, August 2009
September 15, 2009Convertibles rise with equities as speculative-grade convertibles drive performance
High Yield Market Update, August 2009
September 15, 2009The high-yield market extended its streak of consecutive monthly gains to six, boosted by encouraging data from the housing and manufacturing sectors of the global economy
Global Equity Market Update, August 2009
September 15, 2009Global equity markets continued to rally, though emerging markets fell slightly
High Yield Market Update, July 2009
August 13, 2009Continued improvement in global economic conditions helped the high-yield bond market maintain its streak of five consecutive monthly gains.
Convertible Market Update, July 2009
August 13, 2009Strong equity markets supported convertibles in July.
Global Equity Market Update, July 2009
August 11, 2009The economic landscape continues to show signs of life, as optimism builds within most areas of the market.
Convertible Securities and Asset Allocation Considerations
August 11, 2009Because convertibles possess both equity- and bond-like attributes, they can be particularly useful in managing a portfolio’s risk/return profile. But convertibles are not a one-size-fits-all solution.
Convertible Market Update, Second Quarter
July 20, 2009The convertible market posted a 17.7% return in the second quarter and outperformed equities.
Global Equities Market Update, Second Quarter
July 20, 2009The massive global fiscal response restored a degree of confidence and order in most world economies and likely removed a depression scenario.
High Yield Market Update, Second Quarter
July 20, 2009Following the return of credit market liquidity and renewed investor risk appetites, the Credit Suisse High Yield Index surged 20.24% in the second quarter, its highest quarterly return on record.
Global Wireless Telecommunications Can Provide Compelling Investment Opportunities
June 19, 2008Global wireless telecommunications can provide compelling investment opportunities.

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