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Calamos Milestones: A History of Investment Innovation

Calamos Investments is a diversified investment firm offering equity, fixed-income, convertible and alternative investment strategies, among others. With roots dating back to 1977, the firm serves institutions and individuals via separately managed accounts and a family of open-end and closed-end funds, providing a risk-managed approach to capital appreciation and income-producing strategies.

Year Milestone Description
1977 John P. Calamos, Sr. opens an investment advisory firm John P. Calamos, Sr. begins serving clients with the goal of risk management using convertible securities as a key tool with potential downside protection. The firm is one of the first to apply the Black-Scholes theory that weighs the stock price, strike price, expiration date, risk-free return and the standard deviation of a stock to convertibles.
1981 First institutional account Calamos opens its first institutional account, a major transportation company.
1983 Launches software development of proprietary security evaluation systems Nick P. Calamos joins the firm and starts developing a software system for the firm's proprietary security evaluation systems that strive for maximizing investor return while minimizing risk. These proprietary systems continue to be the foundation of the Firm's investment research processes.
1985 Enters the mutual fund arena with convertible offering The firm starts its first mutual fund—one of the first convertible mutual funds—that remains one of Calamos Investments' core products today. Investing in convertible securities, the Convertible Fund offers investors the upside potential of a stock with the potential downside protection of a bond.
1988 John P. Calamos, Sr. writes book on convertible securities John's book, Investing in Convertible Securities: Your Complete Guide to the Risks and Rewards, addresses the risks and rewards of investing in convertibles and puts Calamos Investments on the map as a leading convertible manager.
1988 Introduces a growth and income portfolio Allocated among convertibles, equities and fixed-income securities, the Growth and Income portfolio applies highly disciplined institutional management strategies designed to enhance investment returns while managing risk. This strategic approach helped the firm earn S&P/Business Week's Excellence in Fund Management Award for 2002 and 2003.
1989 Starts a separately managed account program Calamos was one of the first investment managers to offer a separately managed account program for one of the largest national brokerage firms.
1990 Launches a growth portfolio Applying Calamos' risk-managed investment process, the Growth portfolio invests in equities that offer sustainable, above-average growth potential. Historically, the portfolio has participated more fully in the upside phases of the market than in the downturns as reflected in its high industry rankings and ratings.
1990 Introduces a market neutral portfolio One of the few funds to incorporate alternative investment strategies, the Market Neutral portfolio utilizes highly disciplined institutional management strategies designed to produce relatively consistent returns and stable principal values uncorrelated to the market.
1996 Introduces a global portfolio Strategically allocated among convertible securities, equities and fixed-income securities from all countries, including the United States, the Global portfolio offers investors risk-managed equity exposure to the global markets.
1998 John P. Calamos, Sr. writes second book John's second book, Convertible Securities: The Latest Instruments, Portfolio Strategies and Valuation Analysis, discusses how convertibles can help manage risk for all types of investors.
1999 Introduces a high-yield portfolio The High Yield portfolio takes a more flexible and risk-managed approach to investing in the high-yield market by seeking opportunities among non-convertible and convertible high-yield bonds.
2002 Introduces its first closed-end fund Calamos Investments' first closed-end fund, the Calamos Convertible Opportunities and Income Fund (NYSE: CHI) that combines convertible and high-yield securities, begins the closed-end fund renaissance in the investment industry.
2002 Introduces a value portfolio The portfolio invests in undervalued companies that appear to possess catalysts that may help them return to normal rates of growth and achieve market recognition.
2003 Nick P. Calamos writes first book Nick's comprehensive guide to convertible arbitrage, Convertible Arbitrage: Insights and Techniques for Successful Hedging, reviews the models, techniques and structures that help boost returns while minimizing risk irrespective of market conditions.
2003 Introduces a convertible and high income fund Calamos' second closed-end fund, the Calamos Convertible and High Income Fund (NYSE: CHY), combines high yield and convertible securities.
2003 Introduces a blue chip portfolio Leveraging the firm's experience in large company research and flexible investment approach, the Blue Chip portfolio dynamically allocates among growth and value stocks, aiming to invest in a diversified mix of the best opportunities at any point in the economic cycle.
2004 Launches one of the most successful closed-end fund IPOs in history The Calamos Strategic Total Return Fund (NYSE: CSQ) raises $2.4 billion during its offering period, becoming one of the largest closed-end fund IPOs to date.
2004 Initial Public Offering Calamos Asset Management, Inc. starts trading publicly on the NASDAQ national market under the ticker CLMS.
2005 Introduces an international growth portfolio The International Growth portfolio seeks to invest in foreign companies that offer the potential for above-average returns based on their sustainable growth prospects.
2005 Introduces a global closed-end fund Calamos Investments' fourth closed-end fund, Calamos Global Total Return Fund (NYSE: CGO), combines equity, convertible, and high-yield securities in a globally diversified portfolio.
2006 Launches Calamos Multi-Fund Blend, a broadly diversified fund of funds As its name suggests, this fund of funds blends three Calamos mutual fundsGrowth Fund, Value Fund, and Global Growth and Income Fund—into one core portfolio that seeks broad diversification, total return potential and risk control. The Fund is monitored daily by the investment team and will be rebalanced whenever the underlying funds' actual allocations diverge by 5% or more from their one-third target allocation.
2007 Introduces a global equity portfolio of U.S. and international securities With its objective of long-term capital growth, the Global Equity portfolio pursues equity opportunities within and outside the United States, and has added flexibility to invest in both developed and emerging markets.
2007 Introduces fifth closed-end fund, Global Dynamic Income Fund (NYSE: CHW) The Global Dynamic Income Fund seeks to generate a high level of current income with a secondary objective of capital appreciation. This Fund has maximum flexibility to allocate among equities, fixed-income securities and alternative investments around the world.
2007 Introduces a broadly diversified fixed-income fund, Total Return Bond Fund (CTRAX, A Shares) The Total Return Bond Fund seeks total return, consistent with preservation of capital and prudent investment management. This Fund diversifies the majority of its assets across the core areas of the U.S. bond market and employs specialized allocations to increase return potential and enhance risk management.


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