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Strategy Objective

The Covered Call Strategy draws upon nearly a decade of Calamos experience in covered call writing and two decades in equity investing. This is an option-based strategy that seeks to provide a unique mix of downside protection and equity upside participation—with more consistent returns even in a higher volatility environment.

Key Differentiators
  • Leverages our role as a pioneer in alternative investing as Calamos has utilized convertibles and option theory since the 1970s
  • Managed by a seasoned investment team
  • Potential diversifier, with historically low correlation to traditional fixed income
  • Attractive risk/reward profile versus long-only equities
  • Designed to generate income from options premiums

Strategy Details

As of 03/31/17
Inception Date:
Strategy Assets*:
$16.3 M
S&P 500 Index


*Strategy Assets reflect all assets that are currently being managed (collectively) under the Calamos Covered Call Strategy.

Sector Weightings

AS OF 03/31/17
% of Assets S&P 500 Index Under/Overweight %
Information Technology 22.5% 22.1%
Health Care 14.4 13.9
Financials 13.8 14.4
Consumer Discretionary 12.9 12.3
Industrials 9.8 10.1
Consumer Staples 9.0 9.3
Energy 7.2 6.6
Utilities 2.8 3.2
Real Estate 2.7 2.9
Telecom Services 2.6 2.4

Representative Portfolio Ten Largest Holdings

AS OF 03/31/17
Company Sector %
Apple, Inc. Information Technology 3.5
SPDR S & P 500 ETF Trust Other 3.2
Microsoft Corp. Information Technology 3.2
Exxon Mobil Corp. Energy 2.2
JPMorgan Chase & Company Financials 2.0
Facebook, Inc. - Class A Information Technology 1.9
Johnson & Johnson Health Care 1.9
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. - Class B Financials 1.8, Inc. Consumer Discretionary 1.7
Home Depot, Inc. Consumer Discretionary 1.7


AS OF 03/31/17
  Calamos Portfolio S&P 500 Index
# of Holdings 282 505
Portfolio Turnover % (12-Month) 56.4% N/A
Median Market Cap ($bil) $34.1 $20.4
Weighted Average Market Cap ($bil) $180.0 $163.9

Annualized Total Returns

AS OF 03/31/17
1-YearSince Inception (1/15)
Covered Call (Gross)10.17%5.20%
Covered Call (Net)9.36%4.42%
S&P 500 Index17.17%8.59%
Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond Index0.44%1.78%

Calendar Year Returns

AS OF 03/31/17
                           Qtr Ending Mar 17YTD 201720162015
Covered Call (Gross)3.42%3.42%6.53%1.74%
Covered Call (Net)3.24%3.24%5.73%0.98%
S&P 500 Index6.07%6.07%11.96%1.38%
Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond Index0.82%0.82%2.64%0.55%

Risk/Reward Since Inception

AS OF 03/31/17
  Calamos Covered Call Composite S&P 500 Index
Alpha 0.46% N/A
Beta 0.54 1.00
Standard Deviation 6.37% 11.46%
Upside Semivariance 2.30% 7.83%
Downside Semivariance 1.14% 3.27%
Sharpe Ratio 0.7877 0.7339
Information Ratio -0.6220 N/A

Strategy Vehicles

Separately Managed Account Minimum $25 million
Institutional Mutual Fund (CIHEX) Minimum $1 million
Covered Call Strategy Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet The Covered Call Strategy fact sheet provides a snap shot of the investment team, the investment strategy, performance, composition, ratings and returns.
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Covered Call Strategy Performance Review
Performance Review A discussion of the Calamos Covered Call Strategy’s performance versus a benchmark, positioning, related market commentary, and outlook.
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