Investment Insight

Higher-Quality High Yield Asset Allocations, September 2012

Low interest rates globally and a flight to quality have driven down the yields of government bonds, while a muted economic recovery demands that income-oriented investors maintain caution about the highest yielding, most speculative credits. We believe these influences help make the case for utilizing a higher-quality high yield strategy within asset allocations

Evolving Emerging Market Strategies, June 2012

"Evolving Emerging Market Strategies: A Tactical or Core Component of Asset Allocation?" John P. Calamos, Sr. explores the changing role of emerging markets (EMs) within the global economy, the implications for asset allocation and the firm's risk-managed approach to pursuing EM growth potential.

A Growth Opportunity Ahead of the Curve, April 2011

In our decades of investment experience, we occasionally have seen unusual opportunities spring out from volatility. Right now, we believe growth is one of those. We’re seeing great growth companies at reasonable prices, and we believe the Calamos U.S. Growth Fund is well positioned for the changing global economy.

Convertibles During High Inflation, April 2011

Government stimulus plans have led to fears of high inflation, which often coincides with higher interest rates and an unfavorable bond market. Convertibles bonds often are categorized as fixed-income securities, but they in fact are a hybrid of fixed income and equities. These characteristics may help in times of high inflation.

Convertibles During High Inflation-<i> Chinese</i>, April 2011

Convertibles During High Inflation-<i>Portuguese</i>, April 2011

Convertibles During High Inflation-<i> Spanish</i>, April 2011

Convertibles and Rising Interest Rates, January 2011

In general, the more a convertible’s price is determined by the value of its underlying equities, the greater its tendency not to be influenced by changing interest rates.

Convertibles and Rising Interest Rates- <i>Chinese</i>, January 2011

Convertibles and Rising Interest Rates- <i> Portuguese</i>, January 2011

Convertibles and Rising Interest Rates- <i>Spanish</i>, January 2011

A Note Regarding Recent Action on Calamos Convertible Fund, October 2010

As you may have heard, Calamos Advisors announced that new investments in Calamos Convertible Fund (a 1940 Act fund), which has reached $3 billion in assets, will be limited to clients who own shares as of October 29, 2010. It’s important to point out that no Calamos UCITS utilizing convertible securities are affected by these restrictions. The full family of Calamos UCITS remains open for investments from both new clients and current shareholders.

Calamos still believes that convertible securities remain undervalued and play a meaningful part in one’s asset allocation. The Calamos convertible strategies continue to provide equity upside opportunity and downside protection.

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