Emerging Market Capabilities

Having invested globally on behalf of our clients for more than 25 years, we believe emerging markets (EMs) represent one of the most compelling long-cycle growth opportunities. Over the past decade, we have dedicated significant research coverage to EMs, a major focus for our investment team. Our organization includes 14 investment professionals dedicated to non-U.S. research and portfolio management. This group is part of our 64-person Growth Equity team, based in the Chicago-metro area.

Even as EMs continue to grow in global importance to the global economy, fundamental risks persist. We seek to mitigate these risks through our top-down and bottom-up insights, as well as through an actively managed portfolio construction process.

We offer our active growth approach in two dedicated emerging market equity strategies: Calamos Emerging Economies and Calamos Emerging Market Equity strategy. While the strategies share an investment team and discipline, each has a distinct risk/reward profile.

Emerging Economies Strategy

A Lower Volatility/Risk-Managed Approach

Inception: December 2008

In this strategy, we apply our lower-volatility, risk-managed approach to EM investing. We seek to generate alpha with less downside risk and volatility than the benchmark and peer universe over full market cycles. Utilizing an investment process that combines top-down macro views with proprietary capital structure research and a focus on revenue mapping, this strategy complements index-oriented and higher-volatility approaches.

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Emerging Market Equity Strategy

High Relative Growth Approach

Inception: December 2013

In this high relative growth emerging market strategy, we seek to maximize alpha over a full market cycle, by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of EM-domiciled growth equities. Sharing the same investment team and proprietary Calamos research system as the Emerging Economies Strategy, this actively managed strategy complements EM strategies with less pronounced growth orientations, such as those that more closely track the broad EM equity market.

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