Investment Commentary

Our investment team provides ideas and analysis of important investment concepts and topics. By sharing our thoughts on trends in the market place, changes in sectors, asset allocation ideas or events of the day we hope to better educate the investing public.

Fine-Tuning Exposure to Emerging Economies Thumbnail
Fine-Tuning Exposure to Emerging Economies

We believe EMs offer tremendous long-term growth potential but selectivity is critical. Our approach is differentiated by our focus on revenue mapping and secular growth themes, as well as our opportunistic use of convertibles.

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Identifying Global Growth Opportunities Thumbnail
Identifying Global Growth Opportunities Through a Thematic Lens

Nick Niziolek and Dennis Cogan explain why an emphasis on secular themes is integral to our global growth investing approach.

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Closed-End Fund Discounts: Is the Trend Reversing? Thumbnail
How Long Will the Unusually Good Values in Today’s CEF Market Last?

Consistent with the general market sell off, Calamos CEFs offer unique values at current price points on both an absolute current and historical basis compared to their respect NAVs.

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Calamos Evolving World Growth Fund  and the Power of “Small Ball” Thumbnail
Calamos Evolving World Growth Fund and the Power of “Small Ball”

Calamos Evolving World Growth Fund has delivered compelling results with a risk-managed, “small ball” approach to investing in emerging market equities, explains Portfolio Specialist Todd Speed.

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Volatility and the Need for Active Management Sales Idea
Volatility and the Need for Active Management

While market volatility is near historic lows, we are in a longer term pattern of increased volatility, which further emphasizes the need for an actively managed, lower-volatility solution. Learn more about our current outlook on volatility and the role of active management.

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International Growth Fund Paper Thumbnail
Case for International Growth over Value Remains Strong

At Calamos, we believe investors should favor growth over value, given fundamentals, valuations and secular opportunities.

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Calamos Global Insights- February 2015
Global Insights

Commentary and analysis from senior members of our global investment team, with an introduction from Global Co-CIO John P. Calamos. Sr.

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Difference Among EM Indices Drive Exposures in Surprising Ways

Whether tracking to an index or actively seeking investment return, investors need to understand what they’re actually investing in when it comes to emerging market allocation decisions. This paper provides key considerations to provide insight on common misconceptions about EM indices.

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Perspectives on Credit Quality and Convertibles
Perspectives on Credit Quality and Convertibles

Co-Portfolio Manager Eli Pars discusses how the merits of an unconstrained quality approach may be especially pronounced in the current environment. He explains why strategies that are not confined to investment-grade issues offer enhanced opportunities to pursue a broader range of opportunity and to mitigate risk over full market cycles.

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Enhancing LDI Strategies with Convertibles Thumbnail
Enhancing LDI Strategies with Convertibles

Eli Pars, CFA, co-portfolio manager, discusses the growing role of LDI strategies in pension schemes and how convertibles may address some of the inherent trade-offs of LDI strategies.

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As the Taper Begins, What’s Next for Asset Allocation?

John P. Calamos, Sr. assesses the opportunities in the global markets and the implications of macro factors on asset allocation. He discusses the Calamos framework for asset allocation built around the use of core strategies.

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The Emerging Markets Growth Story: Evolving But Intact

Co-Portfolio Manager Nick Niziolek discusses some of the misperceptions that may be influencing investor sentiment about the EMs, where the Calamos team is identifying long-term opportunities, and why he believes active management will be especially important in this environment.

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John Calamos: Cyclical Uptick Could Drive Record Converts Issuance John P. Calamos, Sr. and Co-Portfolio Manager Eli Pars are featured in a Citywire article discussing the convertible bond market.
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