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Jessica M.

I joined Calamos in 2005 as a Senior Auditor and have progressed to Chief Compliance Officer. The fast pace of the financial services industry and the entrepreneurial environment at Calamos provide constant opportunities for learning and growth which has been extremely professionally fulfilling. However, in my experience a major contributor to happiness in a job comes down to the people you work with. In my role I interact with people from many different departments and it's those people that make Calamos more than just a great company to work for.

Jessica M., Compliance

Steve K.

On the investment side, the biggest thing for me is that what I do every day at Calamos is structurally different than what a lot of my friends do at other investment management firms. We don't pigeonhole ourselves by only focusing on one type of security. When I research a company, I'm looking at the entire capital structure. That means I have to be able to analyze and value multiple types of asset classes to see where the best opportunity is.

In addition to bottom up analysis, I have responsibilities at the strategy level as well. I think this combination of individual company research and portfolio management makes the members of the investment department better investors which means we're going to do a better job for our clients over the long term. From a personal standpoint, it also makes the work much more intellectually challenging.

Steve K., Research

Anita K.

At Calamos, I have been fortunate enough to experience both professional and personal growth. Calamos recognizes and rewards those who are committed to the future of the company, think like owners, and achieve results. Above all, my role has given me the ability to work with clients in building their financial future; and to work with a team of self-starters who are as dedicated as I am to the progress of this group and the greater organization.

Anita K., Wealth Management

Jim P.

I started my career in 2001 working as a Systems Support Specialist on the Desktop Support Team. Through the guidance of my peers, the educational assistance program, and working with highly-motivated Associates, I was able to advance my career to a management level. Working on the Systems Support Team gives me the ability to work with a breadth of technologies that assist with keeping our associates highly productive. I love working with my staff and understanding why top-notch talent is so important to servicing the client.

Jim P., IT - Enterprise Services

Brian W.

I have worked at Calamos since 2005. Coming to Calamos from a large Internationally based firm has been extremely rewarding. I went from feeling like an employee number to feeling like a valued associate with the ability to add input to the direction of the department I work in and the firm as a whole. Even though we are a public company the firm retains its family feel. We focus on hiring the best talent and then growing that talent in-house with an emphasis on education, training and development. As a manager my best reward is to see associates move up within the organization and grow their careers here at Calamos.

Brian W., Client Services

Tom K.

As a professional in the Learning and Performance Field it is exciting for me to work for a company like Calamos Investments which is committed to being a learning organization. Calamos promotes continuous learning and development in a variety of ways including supporting associates who wish to achieve industry-related designations and the multitude of learning resources available on the Calamos Academy Virtual Campus.

In addition to this focus on learning, I consider myself blessed to work with such great colleagues. Each day I get the privilege of working with intelligent, hard-working associates who are very supportive.

Tom K., Training & Human Resources

Shannon H.

I've been impressed by the investment that Calamos has made in me. I particularly value the mentorship I've received from individuals across the organization and the opportunities I've had to learn from people in many departments. Since joining the firm in 2006, I've participated in a wide range of projects, including editing, copywriting, advertising and project management; this has allowed me to broaden my skill set and learn about many areas of the financial services industry. I also appreciate the firm's tangible commitment to supporting work/life balance and to providing excellent benefits.

Shannon H., Marketing

Why Calamos?

Company Cafeteria

Company Cafeteria

Calamos encourages associates to eat together. Our gourmet cafeteria offers daily entrees, salad bar, sandwich station, make-your-own pizza and more.

Calamos' Green Building

Calamos' Green Building

The 180,000 square foot office building is a first-class, state-of-the-art headquarters. One of the first privately developed buildings in Chicago registered under LEED Green Building Rating System.
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