Ownership Structure

Calamos began as a boutique investment manager in the 1970s, and has been managing institutional assets since 1981. Calamos Asset Management, Inc. started trading publicly on the NASDAQ exchange under the ticker "CLMS" in 2004. Approximately 80% of the firm is employee-owned, which we believe aligns employee interests with those of our clients. We believe the ownership structure provides us with the stability, continuity of leadership, and transparency of a publicly-traded company, while maintaining the investment-led culture traditionally found within privately held firms.

Benefits of Calamos' ownership structure

  • We are a client-focused, investment-led firm:
  • Our founder, John P. Calamos, Sr., is the CEO, co-CIO, and chairman

  • We provide clients with the transparency of a publicly traded company:
  • Publicly filed quarterly and annual financial reports
  • Oversight by our Board of Directors, consisting of a majority of independent directors
  • Emphasis on succession and leadership planning
  • Regulatory oversight

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